IMPORTANT MESSAGE for ALL Patients & Owners

American Veterinary Hospital is closely monitoring the rapid changes of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.
Following recommendations by the Wisconsin Department of Health and utilizing guidelines from national,
state and local authorities we have decided to take additional precautionary measures to ensure the safety of
our patients, clients, doctors and staff. Through these measures we are reducing the risk of the spread of the
virus as well as continuing to provide essential care to our patients.

Effective IMMEDIATELY and until further notice –
Only practice personal & essential staff will be allowed inside the main area the practice.


                   We have made several modifications to the way we provide service but believe these changes will be
beneficial to everyone involved. These modifications may change with time and will be in effect until further notice.

During this time services and procedures may be limited and some existing changes to appointments may
need to be made. Although appointments will be staggered to limit interaction we may request you leave your
pet if extensive diagnostics need to be done.

Please respect that our staff will be practicing social distancing and personal safety. At this time our staff will
be wearing personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks and will not be shaking hands.

Bathrooms will not be available for public use.


Points To Note;

  • While we continue to operate our curbside services, we ask that you please schedule an appointment so we are ready for your arrival.
  • There are no current changes to our Hours of Care.
  • Affordable Vaccine Clinic dates have been suspended until further notice.
  • All In-Home services have been suspended until further notice.


What clients should expect when arriving for their appointment;

Checking In:

● Please remain in your vehicle and call (414) 304-1818 once you have arrived.
● By phone a staff member will go over your concerns, symptoms, medications, and reason for your
pet’s visit.
● Following the calla staff member will come out and bring your pet into the building for evaluation.
Weather permitting (rain & snow):
Clients will be asked to escort their pets into the vestibule. Please wear a mask while in the vestibule.
● Please make sure your pet is on a leash or inside a pet carrier for their own safety.
● Please return to your vehicle – the doctor will calling soon

Evaluation / Consultation:

● After your pet is evaluated/examined by the doctor you will receive a phone call to discuss
recommendations and a treatment plan moving forward.
● Consent for diagnostics and/or treatment and an estimate will be provided at this time.
● Once verbal consent is given charges will be processed at this time.
    Credit card & Care Credit are preferred but check or cash will be accepted.

Check-Out & Discharge:

● Once treatment is complete the doctor or staff will call with any further findings & a review of discharge
● At this time, if additional services, procedures, medication, etc are needed we will discuss them with
you and an estimate of continued cost will also be available.
Charges will be collected prior to additional services being performed.
● A staff member will then bring your pet out to your vehicle along with any receipts, medications, food, etc.
Weather permitting (rain & snow):
Clients will be asked to pick up their pets into the vestibule. Please wear a mask while in the vestibule.

 Hospitalized Pets & Drop Offs:

● Updates will be given regularly by a member of our staff
● Once your pet is ready to be discharged we will call the contact number on file
● Discharge will operate as described above

Euthanasia Appointments:

We understand making the decision to put a beloved pet to sleep is never easy.
We will allow 1 person to be present with their pet during the final goodbyes inside the practice.

  • Please call (414) 304-1818 once you have arrived
  • A staff member will come out to the vehicle to escort you and your pet inside

Medication & Food Pick-Ups:

● All items must be called in and paid for via phone prior to pick up.
● Once arriving at the practice, remain in your vehicle and call (414) 304-1818
● A staff member will bring your items out to you along with any receipts.
Weather permitting (rain & snow):
Clients will be asked to pick up their items from inside the vestibule. Please wear a mask while in the vestibule.

Please Note:
   Home delivery is always an option and most of the time with NO delivery fee!

Our Online Pharmacy
Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct
Standard Process

New Patients & Clients:

We are still taking new patients as we know the demand for quality pet health care is high!
Please call to schedule your pet’s appointment prior to coming to the practice.

We are asking all new clients & client’s with new pets to please:
● Fill out our New Patient Registration Form  prior to arriving for your appointment.
● If you have prior records for your pet please email ([email protected]) those so we are able to
retain a current record of your pet(s) medical chart.
● Please bring a fresh stool sample in case testing is needed.


We are currently boarding pets, however we ask the following;
● Please do not bring any belongings such as blankets, beds, toys, bowls, etc.
● Please bring all food/treats/medications in a container that can be easily wiped down
● Boarders must have a scheduled reservation and all necessary paperwork and requirements must be current.


Notice to Owners:

While we are doing all we can to provide uninterrupted essential health care to our patients we ask that you
please refrain from scheduling an appointment if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness or have been
exposed to the COVID-19 virus. We ask for your patience and understanding while we work together to get
through this uncertain time.

Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your pets. We are fully committed to providing the best health care
possible while maintaining a safe environment for all involved. Should any new procedures or policies be
necessary we will notify clients as soon as possible. Please check our website, your email and our social
media for all the latest updates.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns!

Kind Regards,
American Veterinary Hospital

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