IMPORTANT MESSAGE for ALL Patients & Owners

As you may have heard the CDC has lifted it’s mask mandate for vaccinated people of of May 14th, 2021.
For business like ours, this creates many challenges as there is no clear roadmap on how to handle “getting back to normal”, however we’d like to try!

What we can tell you is that the team at American Veterinary Hospital is very excited to announce we will                                             begin allowing clients back into the practice as of June 1st, 2021.

While things may look and feel a bit differently then they did a year ago we are excited to get the doors                                                              open again and see all our clients in person!

As we know with COVID things are always changing. To begin the process of allowing clients back into the practice, we will have the following procedures in place until future notice.


Please be sure to read all procedures prior to arriving at the practice for your pet’s appointment.

Appointment Process;

  • When you arrive for you appointment please call from your vehicle.
  • Our receptionists will get you all checked in over the phone
  • A technician will then meet you at your vehicle to escort you inside the building
  • 1 owner will be allowed to accompany their pet inside (2 adults for euthanasia appointments)
  • Masks will be required, regardless of your vaccination status, for the entire time you are in practice
  • Social distancing will still be implemented as per the markings on the floor.
  • A technician will take a medical history while in the exam room
  • Shortly after the doctor will enter the room and complete your pet’s medical exam and address any concerns you may have as with a usual appointment.
  • Once services are fulfilled a receptionist will check you out and go over any medical treatments, after care instructions, and products to go home while still in the exam room.

Points To Note;

  • Curbside Service is still available for all appointment types!
  • There may be a slight wait time as each room is disinfected after every appointment.
  • The following will remain as Curbside Service until further notice:
    Technician appointments ~ Please call form your vehicle when you arrive. A technician will come out to get your pet. Payment will be collected over the phone. One services are preformed a technician will bring your pet back out to you.
    Medications and Food refills ~ Please call 24 -48 hours in advance so we are able to have your refills ready for pickup when you arrive. Thanks to your loyalty, we are a busy practice. This sometimes means we will not have staff available on arrival to immediately fill a refill for you. Calling ahead will decrease the chance of a longer wait time. Please call from your vehicle and we will get you check out over the phone. Your products will then be brought out to you.

    Home delivery is always an option and most of the time with NO delivery fee!

          Our Online Pharmacy
          Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct
          Standard Process

New Patients & Clients:

We are still taking new patients as we know the demand for quality pet health care is high!
Please call to schedule your pet’s appointment prior to coming to the practice.

We are asking all new clients & client’s with new pets to please:
● Fill out our New Patient Registration Form  prior to arriving for your appointment.
● If you have prior records for your pet please email ([email protected]) those so we are able to
retain a current record of your pet(s) medical chart.
● Please bring a fresh stool sample in case testing is needed.


Notice to Owners:

We would like to proactively address the elephant in the room, which is our mask policy.
There are several reasons we are keeping the mask requirement in place.

  • It is what out team feels the safest with at this time.
    We have small, enclosed spaces (exam rooms) with poor ventilation.
  • We have no way of knowing who is vaccinated and who is not. We will not ask.

Our small staff is highly trained to provide the best possible care for your pet. Our priority is to keep our staff safe so they can continue to care for our patients. even one sick employee significantly impacts our ability to do that. We have decided it is best for us to continue to require masks at this time. We will not debate our mask policy.  If you are uncomfortable wearing a mask we are happy to continue to provide you with Curbside service.

We will be monitoring and adjusting our policy accordingly as we move forward.

You all have been wonderful throughout the pandemic. We respectfully ask you to be mindful as our staff is mentally and emotionally exhausted from the last year, just as most of us are. We would prefer to spend our energy positively on how happy we are to be seeing each of you again, as opposed to debating our policies. Our goal is to return to normal! We will continue to send new information out to you as our policies changes so you can remain informed. Thank you again for your continued support, patience and understanding! We can’t wait to see you!

With Gratitude,
The American Veterinary Hospital Team