Frequently Asked Questions

Other Low cost clinics are cheaper than you, why?

While we offer services at a discounted price we are not a low cost clinic. Unfortunately, we do not operate as a 501.3 (c) nonprofit and are a privately owned practice. We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know each of patients, as well as our clients and welcome follow up conversations and/or concerns, which most low cost vaccine clinics do not entertain. We look at our Affordable Vaccine Clinic as an opportunity to form some new relationships with the community and also as a chance for you to try us out!

Will I see a Vet?

Yes! All pets receiving an exam, vaccinations and/or testing with be scheduled with Dr. Chughtai. If you are looking for a quick appointment such as a nail trim, that may be scheduled with one of our technicians.

Are packages different from additional services?

Yes. We offer 3 packages.

– Healthy Puppy Package (Brief exam, Distemper/Parvo Combo vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, Fecal test)
– Healthy Dog Package (Brief exam, Distemper/Parvo Combo vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, Fecal test, Heartworm Test – with option to add a tick panel for $20.00 more)
– Healthy kitten/Cat Package (Brief exam, distemper vaccine, fecal test)

These packages include the basic exam, vaccinations and testing listed.
Should your pet need a vaccination, service or test not listed under a package there is a separate charge for those additions. The Doctor is always happy to provide an estimate prior to rendering services. Please feel free to ask!

Can I substitute services in packages?

No. The packages are set and no substitutes are allowed.

Should I bring a poop sample?

Yes… Always! Our packages include a fecal sample check. If for some reason a fecal sample is not needed we will let you know and dispose of the waste. If you do not bring in a sample, we require a sample within 7 days to be honored as part of your package. Our staff will provide you with a fecal tube that you may later drop off at your convenience.

When and how will I get results?

For our Affordable Vaccine Clinic all testing is sent to our outside lab, unless a medical concern needs to be addressed quickly. This allows us to continue seeing patients without delays. Results from testing done will be sent back to us the following Monday. Depending on results Dr. Chughtai or a staff member will then contact you via email, text or phone call. Please make sure all these lines of communication are up to date and current.

How far in advance do I need to request an appointment?

During our Affordable Vaccine Clinic days appointments tend to fill fast, although we try to keep open slots for last minute calls. Please schedule your pet’s appointment as soon as you find a date and time that works for you.

Can I walk in?

Although we strongly recommend calling to schedule an appointment, we will sometimes make exceptions to that rule. As a walk in appointment you may have a longer wait time than normal as we will see our scheduled patients
first. If for some reason we are unable to see your pet we will ask if you’d like to schedule an appointment at a later date. Should you feel your pet needs to be seen on an urgent care basis we ask that you please call us before coming in so we are able to determine the best course of action.

Can I get prevention for my pet?

Yes! As long as we establish a doctor/patient relationship we are able to dispense prevention medication for your pet. We offer several products via our in-house pharmacy as well as a wider selection through our online pharmacy.

Do you take pet Insurance?

Yes! Pet insurance is always welcomed and highly recommended! Please be sure to check and see what your plan offers as all insurances are quite different.