Dr. Chughtai

Veterinarian, Medical Director

Hello and Welcome! My name is Dr. Chughtai, I am the Medical Director and practicing Veterinarian here at American Veterinary Hospital. Practicing veterinary medicine since 1981, I completed my Masters in Soft Tissue Surgery in 1987. As my experience grew I wanted to expand into my community and in 1992 I started practicing in Franklin, WI. Through hard work and connections with some amazing pet owners, I won America’s Top Veterinarian Award in 2006! I proudly display my plaque in our reception area.

My favorite part about veterinary medicine is getting to know all of my clients, as well as their pets! Building relationships with owners is what, I believe makes a great veterinarian.

When I’m not at the practice I enjoy spending time with my family and out on the golf course. I have two rescues cats, Carlos and Sanchez who reside at the practice and bring great peace at the end of a busy day.

I look forward to helping build our community and practice the best pet health care possible for my patients!