One of our core goals at American Veterinary Hospital is excellent veterinary care for your pets; and a friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere for you!
Our clients are periodically sent a satisfaction survey so we can make sure we are doing an exceptional job. Please read below the REAL reviews from our current, new, and long time clients that we care for!
Thank you for your patronage!

Kayla and Melissa go extra miles to insure that your animal companions are treated with love and respect. I have total trust in the gentle, competent care Dr. C gives to my dog!

The attention to details is what sets this clinic above others.

Kona's Mom

Great job all the way around!

I wanted to take advantage of your 50% off dental cleaning discount in July, so I took a chance and tried your vet clinic. Before this, I was going all the way out to Franklin at Animal Campus.

I felt that your front desk staff were professional, caring and educated. American Veterinary Hospital did a great job on my dog’s teeth for a fair price…. and for that reason, you have my future business and I will recommend you to my friends with pets.

Love this clinic.


Great location. Friendly and caring staff. Love this place.


Vet at this Hospital is very friendly. You can see that the entire staff loves animals. in my case my puppy has had a tough year with a skin issue, they keep trying to get him better.

I recommend this clinic and this vet.

Keep the love flowing.

bette & gene e.

Everyone at this clinic is very fiendly and knowledgable.

gerri & george m.

My cat was at ease and so was I. There is a older woman there that called me about vaccinations and the recovery of my cat, she went into great detail, absolutely the best vet i’ve been to! Hope I see that older woman again, your friendly face and caring nature won me over!

carolyn & greg n.

Outstanding! They called after surgery to see about other vaciantions and test results. The older woman there was absolutely wonderful and went into great detail explaining everything. My cat was purring when she had him!

carolyn & greg n.

They have always been caring and have time to fit our pets in for emergency visits when needed during regular business hours. Everyone there cares about our furry loved ones and I would recommend them to anyone.

manuel m.

Great facility and excellent pet care team.


Our dog has boarded at AVH at least a dozen times over the past 3 years, with very few problems. The staff is very kind and friendly.

Pick up before noon, you wont be charged boarding fee for the last day. There is only pick up on Saturday morning and no pick up on Sunday. With out of town travel, this usually requires additional days of kenneling.

jon & kristin c.

I have been going to American Vet Hospital for 9 and a half years. I love it and the service that my dogs have had.

angela and william m.

Very nice quality staff

angel & martha r.

As in the past, the staff at American Veterinary Hospital was wonderful. My one concern is their endorsement of Vectra 3D. My daughter has two cats which live in our basement and I am concerned about possible ikngestion due to contact. Is there another flea and tick med we could try?

Overall I really like the care Bennett recieves at your facility.

dj & kathi h.