Wavier of Liability for Online Prescriptions

  • Wavier of Liability for prescription(s) to be filled by online pharmacies

    I have requested a prescription to purchase products from an online pharmacy not associated with American Veterinary Hospital and have been informed that the following risks exist
  • 1. The manufacturer warranties/guarantees are not valid with internet prescriptions.

    This means that if your pet is not effectively treated with a product purchased online, the manufacturer will not stand behind the product or liability procedures associated with that product.
  • 2. Any rebates ordinarily available for products purchased through American Veterinary Hospital will not be available.

  • 3. There is a possibility that prescription products purchased online or from the outside source may be counterfeit and contain contaminates, or ingredients not approved by the FDA.

  • 4. Products purchased from online pharmacies/outside sources may not have been stored properly, or may be near expiration.

    Improper storage and expired products greatly, if not completely, reduce the effectiveness of the product.
  • 5. The number of tablets/capsules, milligram size, concentration of liquids and number of authorized refills may differ from the veterinarian’s prescription.

  • 6. As your pet’s medical provider, our medical records track all drugs/products dispensed by our veterinarian(s) to your pet(s).

    When you purchase prescriptions elsewhere, they may not be tracked in our computer system. This can lead to necessary rechecks being missed and information about adverse reactions and drug interactions not being given.
  • I have read and understand the above, accept the risks, and I am aware that American Veterinary Hospital accepts no responsibility for any financial or medical liability incurred from online purchases not affiliated with our hospital.